Constructive Populism is The Power of You & Me, We the People!
Constructive Content & Powers Page
The Answers are in the Powers Page above; these are theBallot Box ActionsWe’ll Use  to Build More Foundations to Expand and Improve Our Lives–no matter Who We Are!
It is not about either side of the political isle, but the Isle itself!  It is about Better Quality of Life & Opportunity by having more Personal Political Say.  At the same time, Guarding Ourselves against any form of political & techno tyranny–ironically Our “wanna be masters” will finally be Our Trusted Servants, as they should have been all along!  Believe it or not, they will pay Us to Serve Us!
By Protecting Our Foundational Economic & Political Freedoms, We will Save Ourselves![
Our Future depends on Baseline Reforms for legal evidence before voting,paid educational benefits &guaranteed employment: these three are simply, Safety,Security&Service…for You and Yours!

We’re sure most would agree:If It’s not for All of Us, then It’s not for Any of Us!”  We also know this: What’s in it for You and Yours!” is “What’s in it for all of Us!”!  Just as important, it’s about what & who will Serve Us, not what and who will State the Terms of how We  choose to Live!  We have that Power, and that Power is Joining Together and Voting at the Right time for the Right things in the Right Way as a More Free People.

The Founders of our first American Revolution understood We the People.
It has always been “about” the People.

“The fabric of the American Empire ought to rest on the solid basis of the Consent of the People.  The streams of national power ought to flow immediately from that pure, original fountain of all legitimate authority.”
The Federalist Paper, Number 22.