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Make no mistake, the Initiatives of the Powers Reform are about Us, the Me within the We; that being so, “What’s in it for You?” is the answer to “What’s in it for all of Us?”.

Secured Political Debate Through Honest Evidence And Sworn Testimony

Secured Base Line Salary And Assured Employment For All

Secured Higher Education Tuition For All

All of the Above Paid for not from Your Pocket, but from Pockets Deeper than Yours that will become Deeper.

The Founders of our first American Revolution understood We the People. 

It has always been “about” the People.

“The fabric of the American Empire ought to rest on the solid basis of  the Consent of the People.  The streams of national power ought to flow immediately from that pure, original fountain of all legitimate authority.”

The Federalist Paper, Number 22. 

The Founders fought for the maturing of their Method which led to our Method. 

And over one hundred years ago, former California Governor Hiram Johnson further harvested the Founders Method and planted yet more seeds for Us to harvest in the here and now through California’s initiative process.  

California is in fact the launching pad for the payload of the Powers Reform which are Your personal freedom and prosperity — and the Electoral Conscience is the guidance system.  

The power of that process declares The Method is the Message!

As the founder of this web site, I wanted to give a brief overview of my background and what qualifies me to be but one messenger for the Powers Reform. 

As a former maintenance supervisor, I was both a blue collar and white collar worker in various turns: I got my hands dirty in various ways and wrote clean documents in other ways while having engaging interactions with people on a daily basis. 

When I left that full time employment, I finally had the time and wherewithal to effectively answer the Calling of this endeavor.

As a member of the working class (which is in reality, the main engine and power base of our democracy); I am qualified as one of You — it’s no more complicated than that.

We can add this as well, this endeavor is about fostering further freedom to make Us all, We the People, even stronger as We claim Our Rightful Authority, in concert with our representatives, to help Ourselves and Our Loved Ones.

Constructive Populism fueled by Creative Capitalism, or, to use a synonymous term, Capitalistic Populism — the long overdo maturing of the most efficient economic system ever molded by Our heads and hearts with the tools of the Powers Reform. 

It will be so by the ultimately benevolent and correctable power of the Electoral Conscience; a truly practical/political movement, that will become known as The Electran Party, coming together with all others who love Freedom, proclaiming at long last that it is not about either side of the political isle, but the isle itself.

  It begins within your arms, California; embrace the Me within the We!