The System to Serve We the People is broken; but it works quite well for the corrupt elite.  They’ve had their day and that day is over.   Therefore, We must save Ourselves first if We are to be Free–as important as that is to You and Yours, more broadly for too many of Us, it is what We are being deprived of as proclaimed in this simple yet profound statement from Our Founders:

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!

Constructive & Electoral Populism is the Answer!

Simply put, that means We the People come first!  It also means our representatives serve Us…they work for Us, We do not work for them!

Because too many of Our  congressional and legislative reps believe they know better how to run Our lives than We do, their arrogance has brought suffering to All of Us in one way or another.  For many, they have brought on deeper layers of suffering through homelessness, mental illness, poor medical care for many and even poorer education for a vast amount of children.  It is not only outrageous and unacceptable, but We must  and will do better for Ourselves when We have more say and security!

Further down this page, you’ll see links which will guide Us to the solutions for more over all authority in Our Hands to help solve any problem of social suffering; real education for All; and finally, at long last, full employment.

These Solutions will make all lives better, in the here and now and generations yet to come. 

You have a lot to lose but everything to gain!  Join Us! 

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