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Constructive Content & Powers Page

“The fabric of the American Empire ought to 
rest on the solid basis of  
 The streams of national power ought to flow 
immediately from that pure, original fountain of 
all legitimate authority.”
The above quote from The Federalist Paper, Number 22, concludes with this truism about the underlying strength of America, and it is the Heart of Our Contributions of Consent.
Consent to join Us as a Founding Member & make the lives of  You and Yours much better!

Obviously, You need to know the cost and impact of Our Cause in Your life.  

It’s clear to Us that the real cost and impact will be in the 1% Solution —

simple but not easy!  

Our 1% Solution is declared this way: one voter influences ten; and ten influences one hundred, therefore, that first one has in fact influenced one hundred;  and so it will go from that seed of all legitimate authority, that “seed” of “one” is the 1% Solution! 

The 1% is You…if You join Us?  If You do, You will become a Founding Member of the Powers Reform. 

We are messengers and so will You if You commit enough of Your life to become a Founding Member.

What does that mean to become a Founding Member? 

It doesn’t mean Your money, although You can contribute money if You like. 

It means the Contribution of Your Consent to commit and help Us — and therefore Yourself — win the day for all of Us and in so doing, You and Yours!  

Below is a more detailed overview of what We mean by “commit” Your Contributions of Consent as a Founding Member:

♦Your ideas, and the ideas of others,  showcased in the legal debate process of Fare Court, then tested and tried through the Electoral Conscience of informed voting. Think of what this can lead to in civil and criminal law reforms, further sculpting any aspect of Our culture?
♦The refining tools of Your Consent, or put another way, using the voice of Your efforts through the social media of email, texting, Twitter or any other electronic platform, and of course the “hard copy” of post cards, posters and other forms of printed flyers and handouts. 
♦It will take commitment and follow through to do the trudging foot work of those demands.  The Founding Members within the 1% Solution will do that and more!
But, first things first! 
Before We can do those magnificent things in the preceding three diamond points, the demands of petition and promotion of the Initiatives comprising The Powers Reform
must be met. 

There’s little question in Our minds’ that it will be done if We suit up and show up together as the force of We the People. 

Those Contributions of Consent will forge that force and make it irresistible!

The above diamond points declare that those who take these steps are committing themselves to their own Freedom.  

Currently our system of representative democracy is the best ever devised; and now, it will further become a system which will allow for its own improvement and make it even better and stronger through the revolutionary movement of the Powers Reform!   

All of posterity will remember You as  a trailblazer in the early days of reform, perhaps along the same lines as the Founders of our Republic are remembered — considering what We will do, there’s a strong chance it will be more so.

Our cause is dependent upon the everyday Americans who work very hard to provide for themselves and those they are responsible to care for.  

The fact of the matter is We are asking more of Your time rather than Your money.  

What We are mainly asking is that You do what You honestly can is to help Us expand and protect freedom! 

It’ll be a difficult choice to make at times because of the demands of Your personal world. 

In fact, it’s asking a lot of anyone to make that leap of faith.  

Most everyone who cares about how the direction and guidance of our great nation effects their private lives and our communal public lives have made  Contributions of Consent in various ways.  

Many times, You have done so repeatedly to support a campaign, candidate or cause which rang true for You and therefore worthwhile — You took that leap of faith!  

We are asking You for that same kind of faith, hope and charity!

The striking difference here is that We are not advocating for a campaign committee and certainly not for a candidate or, more important, for a political party or a specific ideology.

Our cause is establishing a method which will greatly improve and even revolutionize the American political system!

In doing so, the American people will become more free and have more say in the concrete direction of the laws which govern us all.  

It’s just that simple yet profound!

It’s as simple as this: We are not people of sufficient means to promote our cause alone.

That is why We need Your help! 

Of course We do not have “sufficient means” because We are not in the privileged classes, many of those have economic power to not only control their insider life, but believe they must control Your outsider life so they can keep themselves and the rest of Us in Our proper place…the station in life that they believe We deserve — that sort of thinking within any form of statist elitism, will never support what We are doing.  

They have blinders on and can only see to promote their philosophy and maintain their more than comfortable life styles at the expense of You and Yours — if our way of life doesn’t include equal opportunity for all of Us, it is corrupt and must be changed for the betterment of the People.  

Some major elements of their control is to manipulate media and news and of course, provide entertainments — the ancient Romans called it: Bread and Circuses, which distract Us from  the limited and/or worsening socio-economic freedoms that dominate Our private and public lives.

In this case, contributions of cash are only a fraction of cost; the real cost of our cause is by far the most expensive: the donation of Your experience, strength and hope; that being so, the greatest contribution You can make, if You can, will be Your precious skill and time in making this way of real change a reality through Your Contributions of Consent! 

That reality is stated first as The Method is the Message!

We make this oath to You: even though We are “a voice in the wilderness” for now, 

We will never give up!

California’s initiative process — thanks to Governor Hiram Johnson — is the shaft which holds the mounted spearhead whose sole purpose is to serve the People through Constructive Populism — with Your Contributions of Consent, Your help will turn that single spearhead into many, becoming an overwhelming force  for good: by and for the People.

Our aim, and We hope Yours, too, is to promote The Powers Reform, and by extension the most powerful part and point of that Reform which is the centerpiece of Fare Court, aka, Public Forum Debates. 


Your Contributions of Consent Donations will be engaged for The Powers Reform        …and only that!

As You can probably imagine, actions associated with advertising, networking, public filings, petition gathering and travel mostly within California are the demands for Your Contributions of Consent.

The way We stated this may sound far fetched in some ways because of being  “a voice in the wilderness”, but a committed 1% can and will make it so! 

Certainly the Method is the Message, but…

Your Commitment makes Economic Freedom stronger for You and Yours!