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This is certainly about You; it is about You through Your Legacy.

More YOU & YOURS is the way…stay tuned!

Therefore, We must speak and work for those yet unborn now because They will have a much harder road if We wait!

There are mounting possibilities that the landscapes surrounding that road will be as ugly as any in human history — made more sinister by the tyrannical use of technology!

We ask You today, if not Us then who?  

That’s exactly why it’s about You…and Me!

Along these lines, We wanted to say just two words on this mysterious and yet to happen potential reality: Future Generations!

To contemplate, or even to just think of that term in passing, can seed fear or great hope.

We’ve all heard the dismissive statement of: What will it matter in a hundred years? We say: What We do today not only matters now, but just as much — or maybe more so — in the so-called unforeseen future.

In that unforeseen future We will not be there, but Our Legacy certainly will be!

If not Us in the here and now, then who?

We beg you to seriously consider this yet to be way of the world!

The same hard won victories of The Founders which matter so much to Us now, will matter to Them when Their here and then becomes Their here and now.

We can at best only make an educated guess of what They will confront, deal with or face in Their time, but let Us equip Them with more tools so that They will know life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

There’s little doubt that there will come a time, in some ways it’s here already, when the only thing that will stand in the breach will be the forces of democracy versus monolithic tyranny emboldened by the monstrous use of technology.

There’s no way We can see today what kinds of beauty or ugliness looks from behind the techno masks our children’s children will face?

We are the past of the yet to be born!

Our present is where We build and reinforce Their future.

For that, my friends, We are responsible to make certain They have those tools to turn plowshares into swords, and swords back into plowshares!


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