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Constructive Populism

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Faces of Freedom

 Constructive Populism is the Goal of Your Vote.

We Proclaim Here and Now that Base Line Economic Freedom means Vital Education and Employment Opportunities for all; Paid for by Debt Free Funding;  Secured and Supported by Political Debate Based upon The Rule of Law to Protect You and Yours.

The Powers Reform is Your Vote Empowered by the Initiative Process.

This is not about either side of the Political Aisle — but rather the Political Aisle Itself!

Each linked item further down on this page will directly state answers for justifiable benefits within in Our Faces of Freedom Page, and then each Initiative structure page via Hyperlinked Power Points.

 Fair Hearing = Face of Fare Court Justifications:
1. Knowing is the Freedom to Judge: Foundation of Fact/ Help Create Law/ Wealth and Worth/ Individual Worth/
2. Needs or Wants…have Both: More SayMore Choice/ Helping hand/
3. Safety in Numbers is Strongest with Knowing: All of You Guiding Power/ GardensUnited/

Fair Earning = Face of Fare Pay Justifications:
1. Choice is Your Power: Wise EnoughPersonal OpportunitySingle Focus/
2. Feed the Need for You & Yours: Essential InitiativeEnds Meet/
3. Human Capital is You & Yours: Valuable AssociatesDual WorthHelp InvestRedirecting the Money/

Fair Skill = Face of Fare Learning Justifications:
 1. Knowledge is Progress for Us All: Launching Pads/ Communication Skills/
2. Know when You Need to Know it: Highway/ Discipline is Freedom/
3. Take it to the Bank for You & Yours: Way to Pay/ Wealth & Worth/ Income Opportunity/

The Method is the Message…and, it is the Solution!

Judge for Yourself and Join US!