Tuesday, January 16th, 2018 at 3:33pm

Working Mom

Posted by Ron Walden

About You

Thanks for talking to me and caring about what I think — alot of people don’t even care a little bit about what someone like me has to say. I’ll try to answer your questions as best I can without going on and on.

Yes. I’m a single mom and if I didn’t have the help of my parents: babysitting, food, a roof over our heads for me and my kids, it’d be way over my head to make ends meet. I have alot of friends in the same boat, too. Without the help of family and friends — and they’re way stretched, too, but they help as much as they can — yeah, we stand together; at least most of us do. Still, we barely make it. 

And then, I have some friends who need some kind of welfare because their families can’t help them for one reason or another, or they don’t have any family at all…these days that’s a tough spot to be in. It’s not quite being poor, but most of us are in a rut and we can’t get out. Not the way things are right now anyway.

I can see how these Fare Way things can make a big difference in my life, and the life of my family and friends, and people I don’t even know. And when I say “I hope”, I mean that I hope people will vote to make it just like you guys wrote it. If we could change jobs when we needed to or just wanted to? And maybe better yet, earn enough money to learn a real skill to do what you love and give your family a better life? But to hear the truth and have a real say voting that way? That’ll be great! Just great!

You ask if I’ll help? Well, I’m just a regular person with no money, a very busy working mom, but I’ll do what I can, and try to get others I know to help, too.  Even if they are work at home people, they’re still very busy, but they’re still very smart, and I think they’ll see this Fare Way thing as a real chance to get ahead and help others. 

Thanks for asking me about this.  It’s nice, no it’s wonderful, to know somebody cares enough to really do something about change that’ll help us help ourselves. That way it’ll be a really Happy New Year… seems like there’s something truly big going on here. I hope so! Anyway, I have to get my kids home, then off to work. Take care.

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